Webinar Alert: The BrainPOP Basics!


Wednesday, April 4 3:00PM ET:
The BrainPOP Basics

Freshen up on the BrainPOP basics with this overview webinar. Take a tour of our sites as we discuss best practices for engaging your students and getting the most out of your subscription. We’ll share some tips and tricks for using BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. in the classroom, as well as the valuable resources found on our free professional community, BrainPOP Educators. A perfect webinar for newbies and veterans alike!

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  • silvurlightning7

    I really enjoyed this webinar. When I was first introduced to brainpop, I was just shown how to show videos on a certain topic I was going to cover. It is nice to see how I can implement technological ideas into my lessons. There are actually several things you can do with brainpop besides just showing a video. This was an excellent webinar!

  • lmpow81

    I have a similar experience. I was only shown that BrainPOP had wonderful videos to show to my class to supplement a lesson. I especially love that it is connected to the curriculum requirements for my province and there is the Educators section for my use as a teacher. I never knew either of these things. Very informative webinar!

  • aimstar024

    I really enjoyed learning more about brainpop today. I didn’t know about brainpop educators, and all of the useful graphic organizers on the site. Also, I have used brainpop jr. for upper elementary grades. I am excited to see how the students I work with like brainpop. I feel like the junior edition is a little young for grades 3-5.

  • mercedesvalentin

    Hi, I really enjoyed the webinar today. I watched it at the archived section since I could not see it yesterday. I really enjoyed that there are so many movies available and I really love that there is the website in spanish which is especially important to me for my kindergarten students that I teach in Spanish. Also, that you for showing me the calendar. I had not noticed that prior to watching this webinar! Thank you!!

  • lkuris

    I enjoyed this webinar. It really helped to get an idea of how to use all of the resources that can be used on Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. They’re so much more than just movies!

  • larocques

    I Enjoyed the webinar very much! It was very informative! We have just purchased a subscription at our Primary school and very excited to get classroom teachers using it. I notice topics go along with the grade level curriculum. Thank You Carrie

  • reinaellegard

    I have been using BrainPop since I learned about it in my technology class at ASU but I never actually knew all that it can do. Of course I have used it for the videos, but after watching the webinar I plan to use the gaming center and activities center. They are great ways to extend the lesson and get deeper understanding. Thanks BrainPop!

  • busterpop

    I watched the Brainpop Basics Webinar that was in the archives this morning. I was happy to learn that I can use my Promethian active board with BrainPOP!
    My Kindergarteners love the white board and this will give them ample opportunity to use it. I am new to BrainPOP but the kids have really enjoyed what we used so far. Thanks Caroline

  • sdimas

    I have a large population of Spanish speaking students. BrainPop in Spanish is a great idea!

  • mylamccoy

    I had never heard of Brain Pop before this school year. Because I was interested in getting some useful tools that I could use to enhance my lessons, one of my colleagues shared this website with me. All I can say is “Wow!” I wihs I had a tool like this when I first started teaching! I love that this website offers movies within the subject areas that teachers can share with their students. Although I am an English teacher, I was drawn to the awesome selection of Science movies that are offered. The information is presented so well that I would assume all students could learn something from this. Thank you for all of the support materials. Brain Pop is amazing!!

  • techiegirlie

    I watched this webinar and am so glad I did. I want to let our teachers know what a great tool we have and all of the different ways they can use it. This helped me get beyond just the movie and quizes. Great job!

  • heather141

    This is my first webinar on BrainPop and I am excited to explore the website and find ways that I could utilize this with my lessons. I like the quizzes on the short movies and the variety of topics that are covered.

  • lynnb@st-george.org

    I really enjoyed my first webinar on BrainPop. The voc.and graphic organizers are really going to be of use to me.

  • barbarahathorn

    I really liked the information and variety of lesson plans. Good job!

  • reneemom

    I also enjoyed ths webinar and completely forgot to post a comment sooner. Thank you for an informative webinar. I learned a lot!

  • kmalady

    I’ve never used BrainPop in my classes yet, but I’m trying to think of ways to incorporate it in my teaching next year. Anyone have a great idea I can borrow for Social Studies? This was a great intro Webinar for me to watch. Thanks for all the ideas & the basics.

  • msclafani

    I enjoyed this webinar. I had no idea that there were so many ways to use all of the resources on Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. They’re so much more than just movies!

  • kgaydos

    Viewing the BrainPOP Basics Webinar gave me a great overview of how to use the site including teacher resources like graphic organizers, just for fun, and games sections. I will be able to utilize this site in my classroom for more than just the videos.

  • kgaut30

    I really enjoyed learning about Brain Pop. The Brain Pop Basics Webinar was very helpful in getting started in the program. This is a great way to buld on a lesson. This is a great resource for teachers. Thank you.

  • kristycrawford

    Even though I started using BrainPOP last year, I enjoyed watching this refresher archived webinar. I am interested in using the vocab and graphic organizer tools.

  • brandon.murphy

    I am social studies teacher that once used BrainPOP a few years ago. I found the clips too short, and many students were not interested. However, a collegue told me to look at it again that it had so much more to offer. This year, many of students have been asking why we are not watching or playing games on BrainPOP. So i had to to check it out again.

    I was able to watch the webinar archive of BrainPOP basics and looked at some of the iCivics games. I think it will be great tool to implement and bring to life some boring concepts for 8th graders. Thanks!

  • kfelter

    I watched the. Basics Webinar and was pleasantly surprised by what is offered. I had not known about the brainpop jr. Option. The Icivics games look interesting,too.
    The kids respond well to Tim and moby.
    Thank you. K. Felter

  • pattisaluan

    I was unsure whether Brainpop or Brainpop Jr. would be more appropriate for my 3rd graders. Carrie mentioned that there are some 4th grades that use Jr. I will try it both ways. Maybe my more challenged students will feel very successful using Jr. and it will develop confidence and then we will proceed to Brainpop. Also, I was unaware that there were lesson plans and printouts available. Thanks for all the great information. I am anxious to get started.

  • leonard.nat

    I was excited to learn all the different ways to use BrainPOP. I had seen the video function before, but was unaware of all the extra resources that are available. After spending some time learning about them in the webinar, I exlpored the site and found great resources – graphic organizers, lesson activities, etc. to use along side the videos.
    Excited to implement in my classroom!

  • magic82475

    After viewing this webinar, I started using guided notes during BrainPOP movies. With the help of closed captioning, students could see the words as well as listen to the movie. This helps me accommodate different learning styles in the classroom.

  • eweixel

    I use the Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. videos all the time in class. I was excited to see that there is an activity section that goes along with the videos. I look forward to using the activities in the different units we teach.
    Thanks Brainpop!

  • justinalexander

    I had never used Brain Pop before this school year. I was looking to get some useful tools so I wanted to learn more about this site. All I can say is “Wow!” The information is presented in a clear and concise way. Thank you for all of the materials.

  • awalters4


    This was a great intro. I have a brainpop school acct and usually just show the videos. I plan to do so much more next year. I especially like to vocabulary page to preview words with students.

  • cowboys01

    I watched the archived webinar The BrainPOP Basics today. I learned so much! Especially loved the Belly Up comics on BrainPOP Jr. Also family activities, grown up guide and state standard page. Thanks!

  • janicedrake

    I just watched the archieve on “Brainpop Basics” – for the second time because I didn’t know how to get credit for it. I guess I wasn’t paying close enought attention at the end the first time. I think I am at the correct place now. Our school just got Brainpop, and I am excited about using it in my classroom. I teach 6th grade social studies and have already found movies and lesson plans that go along with our curriculum. The webinar helped me to understand the tools and functions available and how to search for topics. Thanks so much. This was very helpful.

  • johnfullers

    I watched this archival webinar as I just purchased both Brainpop versions for my younger and older students (K-6). I used a trial version first of Brainpop and both the students and I fell in love with it. So I knew I was going to purchase a subscription but with that, I also needed to know how best to use all that Brainpop has to offer. This webinar showed me all I need to know. So thanks.