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We’re Watching: NSBA Announces 3 BrainPOP Educators as Recipients of the 20 to Watch Award!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) has named its 20 to Watch honors for 2011-2012. These education leaders from across the country are being recognized for promoting the incorporation of innovative technology into high-quality classroom learning and school district operations.  BrainPOP sends a hearty congratulations to the 3 BrainPOP Educators who are recipients of this years award! Janet A. Platenberg Principal from Steuart Weller Elementary School in Virginia,  Andrea Keller (also TCEA teacher of the year) a K-3 Teacher Irving TX ISD and Jeannette Gautier-Downes IT Professional Developer from NYC are making Moby proud!

Janet Shares: “BrainPOP has become quintessential in our lessons as students are either introduced to new concepts or are reviewing material for mastery.  The short, research-based videos cover a multitude of topics, and we are thrilled that 1) new videos are consistently added to the database, and that 2) existing videos are kept current so that information is always accurate.  The new GameUp addition allows students to practice what they learn in a simulated environment.


Our teachers use iPad and iPod touch devices in their classrooms and they are excited that now they can access all of the BrainPOP content via the BrainPOP app.  Our staff is also consistently involved with BrainPOP Educators, a free service through which they access free webinars (live or archived), lesson plans, and many other relevant materials for their lessons.   BrainPOP is very teacher and student friendly.


I am impressed with the amount of information BrainPOP offers and also with the depth and richness of its content!  When I am walking through classrooms I see BrainPOP being utilized on a regular basis.   That is the true test of technology that teachers value when designing instruction.”


Andrea Keller of Stipes Elementary in Irving, TX led a terrific webinar about her use of BrainPOP Jr, and was also interviewed for a blog post a few months back.

BrainPOP is proud to have relationships with many of these educators that have been announced over the past 6 years.  From our BrainPOP Advisors Adina Popa, Robert Miller, and Teryl Magee, to our Director of 21st Century Learning, Kari Stubbs, we are thrilled to know the “teachers to watch” are using BrainPOP.  Let us know how you are using BrainPOP! Who knows, maybe you will be the next one to watch!