Engage Students With BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

Wednesday, November 2nd 4:30 PM EDT Duration: 1 Hour

“Pop” in with special guest Kristen Olsen, Instructional Technology facilitator at Downers Grove Grade School District 58, as she shares her tips for engaging students with BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. She’ll cover searching for and planning specific lessons as well as different ways to incorporate the resources that support each of our movies. You’ll leave with a collection of best practices you can put to use immediately!

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  • srtawilliamson

    This is a great tool! I would love to see some beginning level Spanish resources. The Brain Pop Español site is rather advanced. Perhaps some videos could be added for second language learners too. Gracias!

  • greeleyk

    Thanks for a great webinar. I am doing an overview with teachers next week; so it was helpful to see how you set up your workshop.

  • mountmarkham

    The webinar was great! I have used BrainPOP in my school for many years and still enjoy learning new things about using it in our curriculum. Thanks again!

  • jaime85

    BrainPOP is a great resource that can be used in a conventional classroom situation to ‘hook’ students or generate interest in a new topic or field of study. The supporting tools – videos, activities, quizzes, Q&A… – can be used to extend and monitor student learning about and beyond the BrainPOP theme or topic.
    Alternatively, the BrainPOP applications can serve as a great link between the home and school-based learning environments of a ‘flipped classroom’. Teachers can set students self-directed learning tasks involving watching videos, completing activities, doing review quizzes, or finding out more information about a theme or topic. Classroom interactions can then focus on giving and receiving feedback on student learning, fielding and discussing questions and concerns, or working on formative, assessable, individual or collaborative tasks to apply the learning in authentic, real-world contexts.
    I would suggest using BrainPOP/BrainPOP jnr in conjunction with hands-on investigations or guided research/web quests. Findings could be shared in a class blog or in e-conversations with students in other locations, or used to create and share e-learning tools such as web pages or an online video.

  • mjhsgr6

    The webinar was extremely useful. I have already used Brainpop for several years, but I still found an abundance of user-friendly materials that i have not yet used. Thank you for the tour! This morning, I am using the “Voting” video along with an activity involving our local and state initiatives.

  • jmvolbre

    Learned a lot about best practices with BrainPop. Can’t wait to try it.

  • jrw387

    The webinar I attended “Engage Students” was very beneficial. I have been using the site for teaching science to my 4th gr. class. I found out there is much more offered to aid in teaching than what I knew about. Thank you for hosting this webinar.

  • dianewynne

    I enjoyed the seminar a great deal, but must say, I had a terrible time trying to leave this feedback. I hope that issue is fixed for the next seminar. I was delighted to find out about the extended features that Brain Pop has, the student activities and teacher support etc. I have used the movies, but not the extended features before. I am a Language Arts teacher at the 6th grade level. Many of the grammar activities are great for the kids since grammar is so dry. We use Writer’s Workshop, so Brain Pop is a different approach to acquiring a skill. I do plan on attending another webinar in the future. Thanks!

  • Jackelyn

    The presenter did a great job going over the site! I teach middle school so I will use the BrainPop. I was thinking though, that my severely special ed kids could still take advantage of the Jr. things to brush up on facts they have not mastered (I teach math!). Looking forward to navigating the sight focussing on math specifically.

  • tsuleski

    I loved this webinar! it was my first. I got a real overview on how to better use the brain pop website. Now I’m going to spend some time researching concepts on the site. My kids love the video clips, now their going to enjoy them even more.

  • shanepacelli

    I really enjoyed the engaging students with BrainPop webinar. I knew that BrainPop was more than just movies. However, I did not realize how much more there was to the incredible website. You can easily do an entire lesson using BrainPop. As the computer aide in my building, I try to send teachers educational websites that the students will greatly enjoy. I have sent numerous BrainPop videos to teachers. I do know some of them are using those videos. I am offering a staff development session to all elementary teachers in my district so I can show a presentation on the incredible uses of BrainPop. Thank you very much for this great webinar!

  • lizhf

    I thought this webinar was great. I am a student teacher and I have showed students the videos, but there was so much more I didn’t know. I loved how you can search by the standard to get the videos you want or need for your classroom. I even liked how I can use the vocabulary into a word wall, so students can refer to them. I liked the idea that Jessica gave for the quizzes about making it a game or playing four corners. These are all things I will implement once I get my own classroom.

    • jessicastorer

      Liz, I am so glad that you liked the idea of turning the BrainPOP quizzes into a game. The kids are going to love it! Let me know how it goes, once you try it with your students.

  • reederkl

    This webinar gave me some more ideas and opened my eyes to some new areas that I can use in my classroom. I will also be sharing the technology lessons with our Technology Aide. She is always looking for new ideas for technology classes.

  • jessicastorer

    Thank you everyone for attending Kristen’s great webinar on engaging students in your classroom with BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. I learned some great things from you as participants as well. Please continue to share your great ideas and ways to use BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. in the classroom.

  • lseielstad

    I enjoyed the refresher course on Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. I have been using it more each year in the classroom. I use it as a computer center during our reading group time with selected topice that we are re-enforcing in the classroom. I have also used it in whole class learning to introduce a subject or concept. We have also done the quiz as a whole class doing the 4 corners method. I liked the idea of using whiteboards for quiz responses as well as quizzing game show style. I usually leave a site map by my classroom computers so the students can access with little or no help from me. When I teach First Grade I make it very basic. When I teach Second Grade I add doing Word Wall first before the video. I plan on using the search option more for a quick search for subject matters to cover. I also want to add engaging the closed caption option before watching the video so students can follow along and become better readers. I plan on checking out the print notebook option before we go back to school. Thanks for an infomative webinar.

  • kareny1

    I really appreciate ideas on how to incorporate technology into the classroom. Sometimes it is overwhelming simply to get the process set up. I need to get better at it, and this webinar has inspired me!

  • angierichter

    The webinar was great. I have used brain pop in my class, but this gave me some new ideas as to how to better use it. Is there a way I can get a certificate for this webinar?

  • leslies1

    Great webinar. So glad these are readily accessible! I am so excited to use Brainpopjr for more than just videos. I also want to make my parents aware of the exciting opportunities for at home activities!

  • jeniferw1

    Kudos to the presenter. I have never used BrainPop in the classroom, but am looking forward to implementing lessons from these webinars.

  • silvurlightning7

    I enjoyed seeing the ways that BrainPop can be used in the classroom. i also liked the chance to hear from people all around the world on what they do in their classrooms. It is nice to collaborate with teachers in your building and it is even better to get to collaborate with teachers from different schools.

  • mmarse

    Great Webinar!!

  • janicedrake

    I enjoyed this webinar. It was an excellent overview of all the various tools available. I have never used Brainpop in my classroom, but I am very excited about it. I teach 6th grade social studies. I am confident that my students will love Brainpop, and will be more engaged in the learning process. Thanks.