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Our free webinars just keep getting better and better! Yesterday, Liz Gatewood and Sandi Johnson joined us from Kentucky Country Day School and shared tips and tricks for creating incredibly creative, collaborative, BrainPOP-inspired multimedia projects with their students. If you missed it, fear not! All of our webinars are recorded and archived here. Please access, enjoy, and spread the word at your convenience! And be sure to RSVP for next week’s free webinar, Kid-Created Projects Part 2, a continuation from yesterday, focusing on movie making with students.

What did you get out of yesterday’s webinar? What topics would you like to see webinars on in the future? Post comments below!

  • Sonya R.


    I just wanted to say that the webinar on yesterday (4/14/10) was excellent. It was my first time attending and I thought it was really organized and informative for both teachers and parents.

    I am a homeschooling mom/aunt for my daughter and nephew who are both K-8 and we use Brainpop to supplement subjects from Math to Language Skills to History/Science.

    If I were to submit a request for future webinars it would be in the areas of “How to utilize for homeschooling parents.

    I submitted my RSVP for the next webinar and will hopefully be in attendance.

    Thanks for the wonderful information!

    Looking forward to more!

    Sonya R.

  • Allisyn Levy

    Thanks, Sonya! I’m so glad you joined us yesterday. I am in the process of planning a webinar geared towards homeschooling parents on the last Weds in May. Mark your calendar! Details will follow on the blog & in our May newsletter.

    Anything specific you’d like us to focus on? I had a great brainstorming session with Sue Ferrara, another homeschooling parent, earlier today. I think we’ll plan to model a lesson for this webinar, but let’s share ideas for future webinars.

  • Jennifer Harnish

    Thanks for the informative and fun webinar. It was a BrainPop first for Southwest Christian School in Fort Worth…makes us in awe of those who are creating with their students. Several of our teachers are ready to take their technology to the next level.

    Many mentioned the free web resources as a great ‘bonus’…picassa, kerpoof and simple viewer. We are looking forward to next week’s webinar.

    I registered under my name and we all participated in our staff development room together. You mentioned being able to print a certificate for continuing education credits. How can we go about that?

  • Allisyn Levy

    That’s great to hear, Jennifer! We’ll be looking forward to hearing where your teachers take these new tools!

    I emailed you a participation certificate for you and your colleagues. Thanks for contributing to the blog!

  • sheila

    Are there videos in Spanish and/or Hebrew?

  • allisyn Levy

    Hey Shiela! Yes — our BrainPOP content is available in Spanish on BrainPOP Español: We also have a BrainPOP Israel site:

  • Joe Ganns

    As an educator of students with special needs, I think having them create projects that demonstrate learning hits all modes of learning. The Webinar on 4/14 was a great way to see ideas that I could possibly use with my students. We have both the Promethean and SMART boards. I had viewed the Promethean webinar but this one now gives me ideas for using our SMART boards as well. Nice to have both covered!

    Thank you for offering these webinars for us to get ideas and suggestions for using BrainPop beyond just the videos.

  • Lenora Broome

    The webinar on the 14th was fantastic. As a science teacher and also the schools STC it is wonderful to see ways to use BrainPop with the SMART boards we have.

    We are constantly being asked to incorporate technology into our teaching and the SMART boards/Promethean boards allow students to become active participants in learning.

    I have used BrainPop in the science classroom for years. There isn’t a better way to preview or reinforce content we teach in the classroom. However, to see how students can use it was a great new way to use BrainPop!

    I can’t wait to see more when we watch part 2!!!