Interactive Whiteboards & Clickers in the Classroom

We hear about how well BrainPOP works with interactive whiteboards and clickers (student response systems) all the time! I just read a great article by Diane Trim, “Interactive Whiteboards & Clickers in the Classroom“, that shares how one teacher integrates BrainPOP and these two technologies.

I’d love to expand on these ideas and hear how you are using BrainPOP with interactive whiteboards and clickers in  your classrooms! Please post your comments below or email me and let me know!

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  • Barbara Delaney

    I wonder if I can link Brainpop videos to my own teacher web page for a topic review for students. For example, we are having a decimal test so I would post to my Math page the related brainpop videos. Do students need a log in or does my log in give them the right into the link?

    I only have a 5 day trial. My system, Bellingham Public Schools is looking into purchasing your site for use. We use smartboards and I have placed links into my class lessons on the smartboard using your videos as a intro or review of a topic. I like that they are short, to the point, and engaging to the students.

  • Allisyn

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your trial and integrating BrainPOP into your interactive whiteboard. You can link BrainPOP videos to your website in two ways. You can sign up for our Featured Movie on your website here.

    That will generate the featured movie of the week, changing each week in accordance with our featured movie schedule (so it’s not customizable). Students would not need to log in for this. You can also just embed a link to specific movies in your Smartboard Notebook software. Of course, you & your students would need a subscription to access all the movies. Here’s a link to our Free Movies.

    And our Election Spotlight is free as well!

    I hope this helps!

  • Jane Flynn

    I have used BrainPop in the classroom. BrainPop works great with the clickers and a classroom equipped with a projector. After viewing the movie, we use the student response system (clickers) on the quiz. We use the clickers in verbal mode. The kids love it, and it really lets me know how well my students have mastered my objectives and goals. Plus it is a time and paper saver.

  • Allisyn

    That’s great to hear, Jane! Thanks. Such a good point about saving time and paper. I’m curious about the verbal mode of clickers. How does that work? Are others using that as well?

  • carol

    Please let me know how you use the clickers in verbal mode, and how is the best way to use the clickers to take one of the BrainPop quizzes. thanks, Carol

  • Jane Flynn

    We use einstruction cps. In the engage part of the program, I choose verbal. As we are taking the brainpopquiz online with the whole class and projector, the cps system toolbar is at the top of the screen. I start the cps session, the kids read the brainpop quiz and input their answers with the clickers. I end the question on cps and it brings up a response graph. We look at our class responses and that is how we answer the quiz. I move the cps response graph down on the screen, and then answer the brainpop question. Then for my verbal to record on cps, I pull back up the graph and mark the correct answer. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Plus when the kids have seen it a few times, they will tell me or remind me of what we are doing and make sure I follow the steps. After the quiz is over, I end the cps session and can go to my reports and get a grade for each child on the quiz.

    I hope that all makes sense. It is much easier to demonstrate than explain, lol.

  • Allisyn

    Great article on using e-learning tools and featuring future guest blogger Lucas Kent!

  • Ms. C. Cardinale

    I love brainpop for my classroom. My 8th graders learn so much from it. Brainpop is fantastic for Science. My mom has multiple sclerosis so when I did the lesson on diseases I showed the MS Brainpop video. Thank you for making this great site.