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Originally Recorded June 2014

Join us as we explore BrainPOP’s Sortify Game. Designed for “playful assessment,” Sortify covers a range of core subjects and is appropriate for lower elementary through middle school students. Please take the chance to weigh in and tell us what you think – your opinion matters! Share your feedback on the game’s content, tell us how you might use it with students, and inform the types of games we make going forward.

  • Sharyl Skoog

    I enjoyed the webinar. Thank you for the overview for GameUp. I am also glad that the games are all free, no subscription needed so that students can work them at home. The Sortify game had a lot of topics and I liked that. For some topics it was hard to decide what bin titles to choose though.

  • Jennifer Dehart

    I like that this can be used as an assessment piece and it is fun. Can’t wait to play with more of the games or design our own.

  • Emily Roberts

    I found this webinar quite informative. For me the best part was that it showed me how I can use this for assessment purposes. If I can make assessments more engaging students will likely be more willing to participate which will make the whole process much more natural. This tool will be quite helpful in the new
    school year.

  • Jenny Beadling

    I found this webinar to be very helpful. My students enjoy games as a tool to review for previously learned concepts. I also like that teachers can use this as an assessment tool. The games are free, which is great – and I very much like that you can design your own. Thank you for this informative overview!