Betty Ann Fish is the Chair of the Physical Education Department at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy and has been teaching and coaching for 24 years. Currently she teaches at the elementary school level and coaches at the middle and upper school level. Betty sent us this video and shared about her experience using BrainPOP with her classes:

During physical education class students participate in the heart adventure challenge course (view Lesson Plan). They pretend to be the blood circulating through the heart. The right side is blue because there is no oxygen. Then they go to the lungs and pick up oxygen, return to the heart on the red side and travel through the aorta. When they exit the aorta they either go to the brain or other body parts. When they exited the brain they picked up an iPad and watched BrainPOP’s Heart Movie. The movie reinforced the concepts they were learning and presented the heart in a different visual manner. The students love BrainPOP and we do to!