BrainPOP Overview

Originally Recorded January 2016

Whether you’re a BrainPOP newbie or veteran in need of a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Our overview webinar explores the ins and outs of BrainPOP, including BrainPOP Jr., GameUp, and BrainPOP Educators. We’ll discuss best practices for engaging students and encouraging active involvement so you can make the most out of your BrainPOP subscription.

This BrainPOP Overview uses Social Studies as the topic to demo our features.

Here’s a timeline of what was covered in this webinar:

  • 1:26 – BrainPOP by The Numbers
  • 5:44 –  The BrainPOP Home Page
  • 6:29 – How BrainPOP Topics are Organized
  • 7:17 – What You’ll see on Each Topic Page
  • 10:19 – Submitting Quizzes to Teacher in My BrainPOP
  • 11:50 – Concept Mapping with Make-A-Map
  • 17:22  – Sortify and TimeZone X
  • 22:24 – FYIs
  • 23:42 – Activities, Primary Sources and Graphic Organizers
  • 26:02 – GameUP
  • 29:05 – BrainPOP Jr.
  • 39:33 – Lesson Ideas and BrainPOP Educators

Here are the links that were shared in this webinar:

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