How Kids Play Games: Teachable Moments in Refraction and Treefrog Treasure

Posted by cemignano on

Guest blogger Eleanor O'Rourke of the University of Washington shares her reflections on a study of how children and adults play two of GameUp's games, Refraction and Treefrog Treasure. Adults and ...

Treefrog Treasure: Preparing for Play

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Make sure you introduce the concepts of both fractions and number lines to your students prior to the Treefrog Treasure game, in order to reduce their learning curve....
treefrog treasure

New Game on GameUp: Center for Game Science presents “Treefrog Treasure”

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The Center for Game Science (CGS) is part of the department of computer science at the University of Washington. We’re made up of a group of designers, software engineers, artists, and students, inclu...