New on GameUp!

New Games on GameUp!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

GameUp keeps growing!  Just this week, we've introduced 5 new games, including our first music game, from partner State of Play, called One Man Band. All you do is drag and drop instruments anywher...

What Plants Need Teaching Strategy

Posted by Laura Gatto on

What Plants Need is a simulation game in which you can adjust the resources the plant receives and view the results. Learn what happens to plants in green light, or if different gases are present in t...

Build-A-Tree: Extending Student Learning

Posted by Laura Gatto on

Encourage students to study the trees in your community and make connections to what they learned through the Build-A-Tree game. Students can also conduct further research about one of the issues rais...
Build a Body

Build-A-Body Strategies for Younger Students

Posted by Laura Gatto on

Where does my food go? What do my bones look like? How does my heart work? Build-A-Body connects to the fascination young children have  with their bodies. Encourage students to relate the picture on...