In the mind of a CBE

Teaching Information & Digital Literacy with Primary Sources – A CBE Aha! Moment 10.19

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We take great pride in our certification process and the fact that it leads to more student-centered teaching practices with BrainPOP. For more information on how our certification program positively ...
Get to know a CBE

ELA with CBE of the Month Alexa Corniel

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We'd like to welcome June's Certified BrainPOP Educator of the Month, Alexa Corniel, to the blog! Alexa teaches 4th grade in Solana Beach, CA. Alexa's passion for teaching is clear and we know her pat...

Civics with CBE of the Month Cathie Gillner

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We're always so impressed by our Certified BrainPOP Educators and we're thrilled to share our new monthly feature where readers can learn a bit more about some of the exciting things CBEs are doing in...
Primary sources

Over 7 dozen primary sources are now on BrainPOP

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Did you know that primary source activities now accompany more than 90 BrainPOP topics? We're featuring archival newspapers, essays, documents, photographs and video clips related to BrainPOP topic...