Gate Game Play

Extending Student Learning After Gate Game Play

Posted by SM Bruner on

After your students play the free math game Gate, you may want to explore the extension activities associated with Gate game play in the PDF below which is provided by the game developer, NMSU. You'll...

Word Transformer: Extending Student Learning

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The Word Transformer game allows students to experience how R, H, and "silent" E to can transform words. As students read texts throughout the year, encourage them to look for examples of the bossy R,...

Sort It Out: Extending Student Learning

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Allow students to revisit the Sort It Out game periodically throughout the school year to review letter sounds. Students can play the game during center time, small group reading instruction, and othe...

Share Jumper: Extending Student Learning

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Before playing the Share Jumper game, have students explore additional examples of times when information shared on the internet was beneficial, and times when it was harmful. You can show sample curr...

One Man Band: Extending Student Learning

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Best Song Competition: Have students vote on the best musical creation at the end of the One Man Band lesson, and discuss reasons why they liked one sound over another. Encourage students to use key ...

Build-A-Tree: Extending Student Learning

Posted by Laura Gatto on

Encourage students to study the trees in your community and make connections to what they learned through the Build-A-Tree game. Students can also conduct further research about one of the issues rais...
Build a Body

Build-A-Body Strategies for Younger Students

Posted by Laura Gatto on

Where does my food go? What do my bones look like? How does my heart work? Build-A-Body connects to the fascination young children have  with their bodies. Encourage students to relate the picture on...

Square Off: Extending Student Learning

Posted by Dana Burnell on

The Square Off game can just be a starter point: At home or in the classroom, kids can be exposed to area and perimeter in a variety of ways. Young children can cover flat surfaces with congruent squa...
Moby and Tim cooperative gaming

Games As Homework

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Have students use GameUp games as homework wherever they can access a computer with Internet access! You can give students a special goal to reach, or even offer them extra credit if they show you a ...