Trade Ruler Common Misconceptions

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Watch out for the following common student misconceptions that occur during Trade Rule game play:   Students may be tempted to choose a trade partner/island based on superficial reasons, b...
Guts and Bolts

Guts and Bolts Common Misconceptions

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Guts and Bolts game players should understand that the human body’s interconnected organ systems are much more complicated than that of Moby’s Robot. When labeling the heart, students should under...

Square Off: Common Misconceptions

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Students often make the mistake of thinking that area and perimeter change proportionally, but that isn’t always the case. For instance, a 3 × 3 square has an area of 9 square units and a perimeter...

Lord of the Flies Common Misconceptions

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In part 1 of the game, you may want to pause the Lord of the Flies game to remind students to drag the speech bubbles to a character. In part 2, let students know that the same object can be dragged ...