Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Transportation topic on BrainPOP Jr.

How We Get to School
Create a bar graph or pictograph as a class. You may want to watch the Tally Charts and Bar Graphs movie or the Pictographs movie for review. You may also wish to use the Activity page to help you with this exercise. Create a survey together that asks how students get to school. Create a tally chart on the board and then have students record their tallies in the chart. Then have students or pairs turn the chart into a bar graph or pictograph or create one as a class. Ask questions about the data. How many students take cars to get to school? How many take the bus? How many more students take the bus than walk? Discuss with the answers together.

Bus Route

Together, map out the route a school bus takes in your community. If your school has a bus service, you can choose a route and mark the path on a regional map, denoting all the stops. If your school does not have a bus, then create a class bus route by finding out where students live and marking their locations on a map. This is a good opportunity to teach about the cardinal directions.