Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Time to the Minute topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Gone in Sixty Minutes
Have students make their own clocks out of paper plates, construction paper, and brass brads. Students can label the numbers on their clocks, but instead of using hatch marks between the numbers, they can write out the minutes. This will help students understand that each hatch mark represents one minute and there are sixty minutes in an hour. Talk about what happens when sixty minutes have passed. Then have students work in small groups or pairs and move the hands around their clocks to show different times. Have students write each time down in a list, and later, they can call out each time on the list for a different partner to show on the clock.

Time to Write

Have each student write a time on an index card. This time can be written with numbers, words, or with numbers and words; and the indicated time can be to the minute, quarter hour, half hour, or hour. Have students place the index cards in a box or hat. Then draw a card from the hat and have students show the time on individual clock manipulatives.

Begin and End

On a piece of paper, have your students draw two separate clocks without hour and minute hands. Before they begin an independent activity, have them draw the hands on one clock to show their start time. When they complete the activity, they should fill in the second clock to reflect their end time. Students should label the clocks with the name of the activity or assignment they completed. You may want your students to draw several pairs of clocks in order to record the time for different activities.


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