Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Sun topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Sun Observations
Have small groups or pairs make a pinhole camera. Use a pin or the end of a pencil to poke a hole into one sheet of paper. Have one partner hold the paper up to the Sun and another partner place a plain sheet of white paper below it. He or she may need to move the paper around until an image of the Sun is cast onto the paper. Have group members observe what they see and discuss. One group member can trace the image, draw pictures of the pinhole image, and take notes about their observations. You may wish to do this activity several times during the week, month, or year. How do the images change?

Sun Tales

As a language arts and social studies connection, research different folktales about the Sun together. Many cultures have stories about how the Sun came to be or why the Sun travels across the sky. For example, there are many ancient Egyptian tales about Ra, the god of the Sun, and how he drove his chariot across the sky. Invite students to research at the library or on the Internet to find examples of folktales about the Sun. They can share the stories with the class or even write their own versions and illustrate them.


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