Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Rainforests topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Trip to the Zoo
If possible, take your students to the zoo to learn more about rainforest plants and animals. Many zoos have education specialists or guides who will talk to your students about the diverse life in the rainforest. Remind students that many rainforest plants and animals have become endangered. Have your students learn how people are protecting endangered life. Arm your students with notebooks or sketchpads so they can take notes about what they learn or draw what they see. How do these plants and animals survive in the rainforest? How do they stay safe? How do they get food, water, or shelter? How does the zoo try to recreate a rainforest atmosphere for these plants and animals? Have students discuss and share what they learned or observed with the class.

Rainforest Mural

Create a mural of the rainforest in your classroom with your students. Discuss the main layers of the rainforest and the plants and animals that can be found in each layer. Students may need to do research to learn more about the diverse organisms that live in the rainforest. Line the walls of your classroom with butcher paper and have students draw plants, trees, and animals. Remind students to draw each living thing in the appropriate rainforest layer. Students should label their drawings and write a short description of the life of their plant or animal.

Endangered at Home

Learn about the endangered plants and animals in your area. What is causing these living things to become endangered? What can people do to protect them? Conduct research and brainstorm ways community members can protect local endangered species. Create a campaign together that promotes awareness. Students may want to create posters or a class website. They can create presentations or speeches about local endangered species to educate others, and brainstorm ways to get the word out!


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