Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8

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This lesson accompanies the BrainPOP topic Nouns, and supports the standard of understanding the definition of nouns and analyzing the different types. Students demonstrate understanding through a variety of creative projects.


Display a sentence including different types of nouns, like the one below: 

Tim and Moby had a picnic with hotdogs and cheeseburgers to celebrate their friendship.

Ask students:

  • What do the underlined words have in common? 
  • How are the names “Tim” and “Moby” different from the other underlined words?


  • Read the description on the Nouns topic page.
  • Play the Movie, pausing to check for understanding. 
  • Have students read one of the following Related Reading articles: “Quirky Stuff” or “In Practice”. Partner them with someone who read a different article to share what they learned with each other.

Step 3: APPLY
Students synthesize their ideas and express them through one or more of the following creative projects. They can work individually or collaborate.  

  • Make-a-Movie: Choose a sentence from your favorite book or short story, then create a tutorial explaining how to identify the different types of nouns in the sentence. 
  • Make-a-Map: Make a concept map identifying different types of nouns and provide at least three examples of each. Some nouns may fit into more than one category.
  • Creative Coding: Code a sorting game that asks players to sort nouns by common and proper.


Reflect: After sharing creative projects with each other, students reflect on what they’ve learned about nouns. Prompt them by asking questions such as: 

  • What are some examples of nouns? 
  • How can you tell whether something is a proper noun?
  • What is the difference between abstract and concrete nouns?  Provide an example of each?
  • How are nouns usually made plural?

Assess: Wrap up the lesson with the Nouns Challenge

Step 5:  Extend Learning

Examine a 1963 poem to identify types of nouns in this Primary Source Activity

Play Sortify: Nouns, a learning game challenging players to sort words into different categories. 

Continue to build understanding around parts of speech and language conventions with BrainPOP’s Grammar topics, games, and teacher resources. 

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