Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Sun topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Trip to the Science Museum

If possible, take your child on a trip to your local science museum or children’s museum. Explore the space section together. Encourage your child to take a notebook so he or she can jot down notes, draw pictures, or write down questions. Many museums have opportunities to ask experts or take guided tours in the space galleries.

Sunrise, Sunset

Together with your child, watch a sunrise and a sunset. This requires waking up early! We recommend reading your local paper or listening to your local forecast to find out the time of the sunrise and sunset in your area. As you watch with your child, ask questions. How does the sky change? What does the Sun look like? How does the color of the sky change? Choose a section of the sky to observe, and record the color at regular time intervals throughout the sunset or sunrise. Make sure you warn your child not to look directly at the Sun! We recommend creating a pinhole camera together (see above for directions).

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