Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Choosing a Book topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Book List

Have your child ask friends and family members about their favorite books. They can talk about why they like the book and why it is different from other books. Discuss the topic, the author, and the time it was written. Have your child record these books in a booklist that he or she can revisit from time to time. Some of these books maybe above their reading level now, but in the near future they will find that the books will be just right.

Meet an Author

Many local bookstores and cafes have readings and book-signings from writers. Take your child to a reading and meet an author. If possible, meet the author and have your child ask about the author’s favorite books. Would your child like to be an author one day? What would he or she write about? Help your child keep a notebook of ideas for stories, poems, and books.

Five Finger Test

Together, find a book that is slightly above reading level for your child. Have him or her read a page aloud and try to retell what happened in the story. Then have him or her perform the Five Finger Test and write down words that he or she does not know. Together, think of ways to learn the meanings of the new words. Can they use context clues and figure out the meaning of the words using the words around it? Is there a glossary in the back of the book? Can you look it up together in a print or online dictionary?