Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Compound Words topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Compound Word Game

Give each student an index card with a word on it. Then invite students to find a partner whose word can join theirs to create a compound word. If students are not sure if their words will create a compound word, they can use a dictionary tool to check. When two students make a compound word, have them write the word in their notebooks and look for other people they can pair with. Afterward, have students share their compound words with the whole class.


Explain to children that a rebus is a picture that stands for a word. For an example, draw a stick of butter and a fly and have students figure out the rebus—butterfly! Challenge students to create a rebus of another compound word. Then have students swap their drawings and figure out the rebus.

Brainstorm is a Compound Word!

Write compound words on index cards and put them in a bag or box. Start off by reminding the class that “brainstorm” is a compound word. Challenge partners to brainstorm as many compound words as they can that use the word “brain” or “storm.” The pair of students that comes up with the most words can choose an index card out of the bag and lead the class in repeating the activity using the two words that make up the compound word on the card.