Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Book Reports topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Everyone’s a Critic
Share a few book or movie reviews with your children. If possible, share live reviews from radio or television, such as “Ebert and Roeper.” What kind of details do the reviewers mention? Did he or she like the book or movie? Why or why not? Then have reading buddies pick a book and read it together. Pairs can then review the book, either through a written book report or through a conversation in front of the class in the style of Ebert and Roeper. If possible, you can film a show of their conversation. What do the reviewers agree on? What do they disagree on? Students can create their own rating system, such as five stars or two thumbs up.

In Character
Have students choose a book and create a report. To share their reports with the class, have them dress up as a character from their book. Have them talk and act like the character and give a quick summary of what happens in the book. Some students may wish to make a sculpture or model of their character instead. Encourage your students to be creative with their characters.

Book Fair
Have students choose a book and create a book report. Then have them create a poster or a display for their chosen book. They may want to draw illustrations that go with the book, write a short bio of the author, or create an illustrated cast list of important characters that appear in the story. They may also want to make a diorama of the setting or even create a backdrop where they can act out a scene from the book. Then one afternoon organize a book fair where students can share their presentations. You may want to invite other classes or open the event to family and friends.