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Marco? Polo! You know the game, but do you know the man? The 13th century merchant left his home city of Venice as a teenager to follow his father and uncle on the expedition of a lifetime. Traveling along the legendary Silk Road, the men journeyed deep into Asia to explore a land most Europeans could only dream of. Polo marveled at exotic animals, visited a palace made of gold, and even became an ambassador to Mongol ruler Kublai Khan! With the help of a writer named Rustichello, the adventurer recorded his exploits in The Travels of Marco Polo. The book became a bestseller, delighting European readers with its tales of danger and intrigue. Given Polo's tendency to exaggerate, some scholars question whether his account is more fiction than fact. But the impact of Polo's voyage is undisputed—it inspired later explorers, like Christopher Columbus, and helped usher in the Age of Exploration. Hit the road with Tim and Moby to learn more!

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