Educator Resources for James Madison

At 5’4, he may have been the shortest of the Founding Fathers, but in terms of influence, James Madison was a giant! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will tell you all about the life and ideas of our nation’s fourth President. You’ll learn about Madison’s early years in politics, serving as a state and national representative during the Revolutionary War. Next, you’ll find about Madison’s work as a political philosopher and writer, including his authorship of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers. You’ll also see how Madison teamed up with Thomas Jefferson to form the Democratic-Republicans, a political party aimed at offsetting the power of Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Party. Finally, you’ll learn all about Madison’s years in the White House, both as Secretary of State under Jefferson and as President during the War of 1812. So click on this movie and see what a fascinating life the Father of the Constitution led!