Educator Resources for Fingerprints

Want to add a personal touch? Look no further than your fingerprints! Prints also improve our sense of touch, helping us to feel fine textures. Our fingerprints develop while we're in the womb, and they stay the same throughout our lives. That makes them handy for police investigations. Detectives can compare the prints from crime scenes to those of suspects in their databases. They check to see whether the two prints have tiny details, known as minutia, in common. But it's not as easy as it looks on TV crime shows! Crime scenes often are covered in thousands of fingerprints. And the ones left by suspects might be too smudged to use. Fingerprints are usually just one of many pieces of evidence presented by a prosecutor to a jury. Are you guilty of wanting to know more? Press "play" to learn all about a topic that's sure to leave an impression!