Educator Resources for Droughts

It’s hard to imagine going a day without water. But millions of people around the world are struggling with this very problem. In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby dive into the causes and consequences of drought. It might seem like we have an endless supply of water, but what happens when we start using more than the planet can provide? Variations in weather patterns can have a major impact on our water supply, and human activity only magnifies the effect of shortages. When droughts occur, ecosystems and agriculture feel the pain almost immediately. Even worse, in areas that lack modern pipes and plumbing, a drought can quickly escalate into a devastating natural disaster. Unfortunately, droughts are as unpredictable as the weather; but there are things you can do to help! Conserving water is a start. What’s even more vital is curbing carbon emissions so we can prevent climate change and preserve our most precious natural resource.

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