Educator Resources for Concussions

Concussions are the most common type of brain injury. Any head-rattling hit, knock, or fall can lead to one. Your brain rocks back and forth, causing some of its neurons to twist and warp. As a result, your mind's complex messaging system starts to malfunction. These short circuits in your brain's wiring can trigger dizziness, double vision, or nausea. Symptoms often appear instantly, but sometimes they don't surface until well after the initial injury. This can make it incredibly difficult to detect or diagnose a concussion. The only way to recover is lots of rest and relaxation. Your brain will begin to heal itself and symptoms will slowly subside. However, in severe cases the effects might linger for months or even years. Repeated concussions can also magnify the overall impact on your brain, leading to more serious damage, such as memory loss or chronic headaches. So the next time you’re taking the field, hitting the slopes, or going for a spin, remember to play it safe to protect your noggin.

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