Educator Resources for Caffeine

Wake up and smell the coffee… or tea… or any other food or drink that contains caffeine! It's the most popular stimulant in the world for a reason. Caffeine revs up your metabolism and provides a burst of energy that many people crave—especially in the morning! That explains why drinking coffee and tea has become such a major part of our culture. Caffeine is found naturally in coffee beans, cacao (chocolate) seeds, and tea leaves. It's also artificially added to soda, energy drinks, and even headache medication. It's a stimulant, a type of drug that speeds up your metabolism. While caffeine is addictive, it's safe for most adults, as long as they use it in moderation. Kids, however, should avoid developing a java habit for now. Watch the movie to learn more about this popular perk-you-up substance!

Lesson Plans

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