Educator Resources for Alexander Hamilton

Revolutionary War hero. Defender of the Constitution. Father of the U.S. Treasury Department. And until recently, perhaps the most under-appreciated Founder of our country! This is the extraordinary story of Alexander Hamilton, the orphaned immigrant who came to the colonies for college and stayed to help build a nation. With his tireless work ethic and gift for writing, Hamilton quickly became an outspoken voice for democracy and a trusted adviser to George Washington. America's financial struggles convinced Hamilton of the need for a strong economy—and a strong government to back it up. He attended the Constitutional Convention, wrote the Federalist Papers to help get the Constitution ratified, served in President Washington's cabinet, and established the first national bank. But Hamilton’s fearless opinions and confrontational nature made him plenty of enemies. This eventually put him barrel to barrel with political rival Aaron Burr. How does the story end? Don't throw away your shot to find out—press "Play!"