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In Oncology, players take on the role of a newly hired cancer specialist at a radiation therapy clinic. They meet with several patients, listening to their symptoms and offering responses based on notes and medical histories. For each patient, players are led to a CT scanner where they can analyze cross-sections of the body using real-life scans. They'll learn to denote areas of cancerous tissue with a marker. After marking or contouring treatable areas, players are then given control of multiple radiotherapy beams. They take on the task of positioning these beams in the best possible way in order to blast the cancer while avoiding healthy tissue. Oncology introduces students to some of the leading ways in which doctors pinpoint and treat tumors. It also provides practice in searching for the main idea of a conversation and gives players a chance to critically analyze some technical information. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the patient outcomes, we recommend playing the game in its entirety before introducing Oncology to younger students.
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