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New on GameUp: Journey Through an Exploded Star

Posted by Dana Burnell on

We’re excited to announce the addition of Journey Through an Exploded Star to our collection of Smithsonian Games. This simulation is based on real-world data collected from multiple telescopes across the electromagnetic spectrum. 

In this simulation, based on a groundbreaking 3D representation of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant, students explore the life cycle of stars and learn about the connection between elements and space.  After playing this interactive simulation, players will:

  • understand how and why scientists study supernovas: to gain a comprehensive picture of the cosmos.
  • communicate scientific ideas about the way stars, over their life cycles, can produce elements.
  • communicate how certain telescopes use the principles of wave behavior and wave interactions with matter to transmit and capture information and energy across the electromagnetic spectrum.

For support using this simulation, explore our educator resources.



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