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Play + Learn = Plearn

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

“Plearn” is the hybrid of “Play” + “Learn” – a word that embodies the essence of learning through active exploration, tinkering, and reflecting. At BrainPOP, we strive to bring the meaning of plearn to life through the content and tools we create for students and the workshops we deliver to teachers. Credit for the word “plearn” goes to Robyn McKenney, a superstar Certified BrainPOP Educator who presented a BrainPOP webinar on this topic in August 2017.  As you can hear in the recording, Robyn’s whole way of teaching centered on the concept of plearning – it is what drove her students, and her passion for spreading it was infectious.

Never underestimate the power of a “plearning” experience to help make students more comfortable.

Robyn was a champion for students who learned through doing, making, exploring, playing, trying, failing, and trying again. Tragically, she passed away shortly after this webinar from a rare form of brain cancer. It’s been a year, so we write to remember and honor Robyn and “plearning:” her word, her concept and legacy.