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BrainPOP Combats Summer Slide

Posted by jglassman on

What comes to mind when you think summertime? Fireworks, barbecues, swimming, and… BrainPOP!  Yes, BrainPOP!

Summer slide–academic regression that occurs over the summer break–is real, and BrainPOP wants to help you avoid it. That’s why we are offering families a series of FOUR learning packets full of summer-themed activities in reading, math, writing, and physical fitness. These are not your run-of-the-mill worksheets. From investigating symmetry in nature to producing a trailer for a favorite book, they get kids playing, collaborating, exploring, investigating, and so much more.

For a taste of what we’re offering, download our Math Packet with activities for making real-life connections and experiencing math in action.

Remember, with your school’s subscription, families have access at home, too. By signing up for tips at BrainPOP at Home, they will receive the summer learning packets right away!