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Exploring Earth Awareness at Home with BrainPOP!

Posted by jglassman on

Earth awareness celebrations are happening in classrooms around the world throughout the month. Now, with help from BrainPOP, Earth Day fun and learning can continue at home.

Before school lets out for summer, remind families that they have access to BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. at home.  By signing up, they can receive tips about using these resources around timely topics… like Earth Day!

To help you pass along this great news, below is an email you can cut, paste, and send to your students’ families.

NOTE:  Remind students of their usernames and passwords so that families can log in at home.

Cut,  paste, and send the email below to families:

Dear Family,

Our school has a subscription to BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr., award-winning educational websites we trust because they deliver reliable content on topics I’m teaching your children. As part of that subscription, you have access to these resources at home!  

Celebrate Earth Awareness by exploring BrainPOP’s web sites with your child. Got kids in grades 3+? Watch the BrainPOP movie about the natural beauty of our national parks, then make your own BrainPOP-style movie. For kids in grades K-3, watch BrainPOP Jr.’s three Rs movie and play a natural resource sorting game.

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