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Presenting Newsela!

Posted by jglassman on

Always searching for engaging, high-quality nonfiction articles? Look no further! BrainPOP has partnered with Newsela–an instructional content platform–to provide texts from such well-regarded media sources as the Washington PostScientific American, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and the Associated Press, across all subject areas! Connected to BrainPOP topics, these texts are available at multiple tiers, enabling all students to access the same content at their reading level.  

A four-question quiz accompanies each article at its selected level. Quizzes check for student understanding in areas ranging from text structure and word meaning to identifying point of view and more. Note that you must be logged in to Newsela in order to see quiz results. To further support you, many Newsela articles have been translated into Spanish, also at 5 different reading levels.

For more information about  Newsela, such as how it integrates with BrainPOP and strategies for using it in the classroom, review our Newsela Teaching Support resource.