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A Recap of What’s New at BrainPOP

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Gobble Gobble Gobble up all the new games, movies, and more at BrainPOP this past month.

New BrainPOP Movies

Dividing Decimals
Disappearing dots? Discover Tim and Moby’s trick for dividing decimals in this movie of the same name.   

Wright Brothers
How did birds help the Wright Brothers invent the first flying machine? Find out in this movie featuring two high-flying innovators!

How can one little finger hold so much power? Uncover the mystery of touchscreens with Tim and Moby in this touchy movie. 

Alan Turing
Cracking secret codes. Defeating deadly dictators. Inventing artificial intelligence. These are just a few of the accomplishments of real-life war hero, Alan Turing.


Community in Crisis: The Aftermath
A hurricane hit your town! As the community center’s director, can you manage the aftermath? Now is your chance to put your 21st century skills to the test.

New Challenge Feature

This November, we added the new BrainPOP Challenge feature to our election-related topics (see below). This auto-graded, mobile-ready feature seamlessly assesses students’ understanding of a BrainPOP topic when they play through a set of fun, interactive exercises that emphasize cognitive skills.

Bill Clinton
Political Beliefs
Political Parties
Presidential Power
Ronald Reagan
Women’s Suffrage
Presidential Election

To see the full list of topics that have a BrainPOP Challenge, type the word “Challenge” into the BrainPOP search bar.