Sizing up the universe

New on GameUp: Sizing Up the Universe

Posted by SM Bruner on

Sizing Up the Universe is the latest offering from our games partner, Smithsonian Education. Targeted for students in grades 4-8, Sizing Up the Universe helps kids consider scale with questions such as: “If the Earth is the size of a Brussels sprout, how big is the Sun, and how far away would it be?” and “If the solar system is the size of a fried egg, how big is our galaxy?”

This online science interactive can enliven your classroom discussions about the solar system, and help students realize the vastness of size and distance between the planets, stars, and galaxies in our universe.

You can see the full range of support materials we offer for the game by visiting the lesson ideas page. You’ll find a lesson plan which is adaptable for grades 4-8; printable curriculum resources from the game developer; a recording sheet to help students process their thinking before, during, and after game play; and game cards to reinforce learning after game play.