April Spotlight on Earth Awareness

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Though we support thinking about the earth everyday, April is officially Earth Awareness Month! Show your love for the planet with our Earth Awareness Spotlight, covering a range of topics including Air Pollution, Global Warming, Hybrid Cars, Recycling, and Wind Energy. K-3 topics span Arctic Habitats, Desert, Earth, Natural Resources, Extinct and Endangered Species, and more. Work our Earth Awareness lesson plans into your day, as well as a game or two of Landform Detectives (The JASON Project). ELL/ESL teachers, we’ve got content for you too. BrainPOP ELL’s We Must Clean Up (Level 2/Unit 6/Lesson 4) is a recycling-themed movie that also reviews modals.  How are you using BrainPOP Earth Awareness content with students? Let us know in the comments!