Constitutional Law Game

Do I Have a Right? A New Constitutional Law Game

Posted by SM Bruner on

In one of GameUp’s latest additions, students will have the chance to explore amendments and constitutional law. Do I Have A Right? is a constitutional law game which allows players to work at a virtual law firm. Students determine whether potential clients “have a right” as they bring various complaints to the firm’s office. When players successfully resolve cases by matching clients with the correct attorneys, their law firm grows.

During game play, students will learn to identify whether a constitutional right is being violated, match a given legal right to the constitutional amendment that protects it, plan strategically and sequence tasks, and work on informational text reading skills. Learn more about the game in our brief game trailer video.

Check out our lesson plan and game tips and tricks for ideas on how you can use this game with your students. Or, download the full game guide from iCivics. If you find this game helpful, you may want to also introduce students to our full collection of games from iCivics.