The 2014 Winter Olympics- Resources for Bringing the Games into Your Classroom

Posted by cemignano on

The 2014 Winter Olympics are almost here and BrainPOP has some great resources for bringing them into your classroom. An international and historic event, the Sochi Winter Olympics offers a great opportunity to integrate plenty of cross-curricular activities while focusing on current events.

Kick off your lesson with Tim & Moby and learn about the origins of the Olympics as a brief introduction to the upcoming activities. The Related Reading feature will get students up to speed on famous faces and notable events from past years before diving deeper into this year’s games. Looking for a project to span the entire duration of the 2014 Olympic games? Our Winter Olympics lesson plan will guide students as they research the history and background of a sport of their choice, and then track the outcome of that event. Using their results, build and analyze a class graph to infuse some Olympic excitement into your math lessons!

We’ve found some additional resources that can perfectly complement our movie and lesson plan while covering the Olympics with your students. For even more fast facts about the Olympics, check out the Sochi ABCs where students can find short articles covering the history of the games in alphabetical order.  NBC Learn also has a collection of free lesson plans focusing on the physics and engineering of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Adaptable for grades 4-12, you’ll find lessons about the science of ice, physics of figure skating, building safer bobsleds, engineering the snowboard half pipe, and more. There’s surely a topic to pique your students’ interest!

We’d love to hear how you’re covering the Olympics with your students! Leave your comments below.