Common Sense Media Launches Digital Passport Mobile

Posted by cemignano on

Ever played Share Jumper or Search Shark by Common Sense Media on GameUp? These are game modules from Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport™. They support BrainPOP and Common Sense Media’s shared goal of helping students become strong digital citizens. Until now, Digital Passport was only available on the web, but as of today, teachers can download and provide the Digital Passport mobile app to their students who are using iOS or Android devices.

Based on lessons from Common Sense Media’s K-12 digital literacy and citizenship curriculum currently taught in more than 67,000 schools nationwide, Digital Passport uses engaging games and videos to address the key issues that kids face online: safety and security, privacy, cyberbullying, responsible cell phone use, and respecting creative work. Digital Passport is currently played by more than 300,000 students in grades 3-5, nationwide.

When students complete all of the levels inside, they’ve earned a Digital Passport™ to online safety. To date, nearly 80,000 passports have been earned.

There are two versions of the Digital Passport app: one for classroom use and one for parents to share with their kids. The classroom edition includes access to a teacher dashboard enabling monitoring of student progress and achievement. In the parent edition, families can see their kid’s progress right on the home screen.

For schools that have implemented or are planning to implement a 1-to-1 iPad program, Digital Passport Mobile provides a great way to introduce elementary school students to the essentials of digital literacy and citizenship. Find the app on iTunes and Google Play.