Suggest a Keynote Speaker for ISTE 2014

Posted by cemignano on

Heading to ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, GA? Here is your chance to suggest the keynote speaker YOU want to see at this year’s conference. ISTE is looking for keynote speakers who will inspire attendees and ignite their passion for connected learning. The organization is interested in individuals with education and technology expertise, but are also interested in speakers from other fields who can bring fresh and exciting ideas to this year’s attendees. ISTE receives suggestions from all around the world, so it’s important to catch their attention!

  • Think outside of the box: Check out past keynotes and try to outdo them with an innovative approach.

  • Keep it simple: Make your case short and concise, but be sure to include the “wow” they’re looking for.

  • Share examples: Include links to videos and articles about your suggested speaker.

Good luck! And, don’t be shy- if you have a message to share, feel free to suggest yourself!