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Topic Specific Lesson Ideas Come to BrainPOP Jr – Search Less, Find More

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Are you ready to take BrainPOP Jr to the next level with your students? Then go ahead, click that shiny new “lesson ideas” button on every BrainPOP Jr. Topic page! Clicking this button for a whole new entry point to BrainPOP Jr Educator resources! Find topic specific lesson plans, graphic organizers, teacher videos, games, and more. Our goal is to make a more friendly BrainPOP Educators experience, and reduce the amount of searching you need to do to find great ideas.  Also, we’ve added a social layer!  Once you click through to a learning resource, you can leave a comment describing how you’re using it, or read comments about about how other BrainPOP Educators are using it.

We hope you find these new pages useful, let us know! Search less, find more!