New Presidential Movies on BrainPOP

Presidential movies

With the closing of the Republican and Democratic conventions, election season has commenced full force. To help students better understand the current political landscape and how it evolved, we’re providing some historical context in new movies about Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. By explaining the former presidents’ impact on areas of foreign and domestic policy as well as their personal strengths and weaknesses, these topics shed light on the issues shaping the 2012 election. We hope you enjoy the new movies; be sure to check out the rest of our presidential content too.


  • barbie4003

    I am registered but their are some movies that I am not able to view. I am using the correct username and password because I still have the email confirming it. Are some videos only for paying customers. I want to use some of the presidential election ones.

  • andrewg

    Hi @barbie,

    You have a BrainPOP Educators account. BrainPOP Educators is different from BrainPOP. BrainPOP Educators is a community of educators committed to sharing best practices, lesson plans, tips, and more, and you do not need a BrainPOP subscription to join. Educators requires a separate username and password than the one you might use for the main BrainPOP site.

    If you are trying to login to the main BrainPOP site (movies) and your school has a paid subscription for BrainPOP, please use that username and password. If your school doesn’t have a subscription, you can sign up for a free trial.