Lesson Plan Contest

Game-Based Learning Lesson Plan Contest

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Filament Games, the developers of GameUp games You Make Me Sick, Cell Command, and Crazy Plant Shop, is hosting a lesson plan contest! They are looking for educators who are supporters of game-based learning and who have created innovative lesson plans for You Make Me Sick.  The best lesson designer will receive a full classroom set of Cell Command, You Make Me Sick, Crazy Plant Shop, and Prisoner of Echo.  Additionally, two runner-ups will receive a full classroom set of the game of their choice from the collection of the four games.

Judged by educational consultant, Andrew Miller, and a group of master educators, the lesson plans will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • The game is used as a sound pedagogical tool to perform an intentional function in the classroom learning experience.
  • The lesson presents the game as an innovative and engaging tool to learn.
  • The lesson is aligned to key content standards and/or 21st century skills.
  • The lesson includes clear, coherent directions and useful materials.

Be sure to submit your lesson plans by September 7th!  The winners will be notified on October 1st.