NASA Engineering and Media Production, JASONlive Hosts a Fieldtrip

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

With all the hoopla about virtual experiences, there is still nothing like a real life, in person, field trip.  On May 31st, students from BrainPOP Educator Elizabeth Gitzen’s 5th grade class were welcomed to the the offices of JASONlive in Ashburn VA. The event? A live webcast with NASA Systems Engineer Tracy Drain. During the webcast, students from all around the world sent in questions and participated through interactive polling. However, the 20 students in Ms. Gitzen’s class watched from the JASONlive screening room, just down the hall from the production studio. After the webcast, Tracy and Patty, the host, joined the class for a personal Q&A, and students took a behind the scenes tour of the studio. It was Interesting to not only hear the life and story of a successful NASA systems engineer, but to visit the studio and observe the effort and planning that goes into creating such a substantial production. We saw outlines, scripts, green screens, and computers displaying pre-recorded video questions and interactive polls.

The event is archived and available at the JASONlive website, after viewing you may want to learn more about Jupiter and the projects Tracy is involved with.  Take a look at our Space spotlight page or visit GameUp to play Fly to Mars.