Webcast with NASA

Live Webcast with NASA Systems Engineer, Tracy Drain

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Today, we’re down in Loudoun Virginia joining a group of students (and beloved BrainPOP Advisor Adina Popa) for a special “behind-the-scenes” experience at The JASON Project studio during today’s JASON live event webcast with NASA Systems Engineer Tracy Drain! After watching the 10:30am live events from a viewing room, we will have an opportunity to see how JASON’s Live Events are produced and distributed, check out the 3-camera green screen studio and the control room where the program is directed and switched. Most excitingly, we will meet our guest expert Tracy Drain and JASON Live’s program host, Patty Kim, in person and some of the JASON production team members that make it all happen! Tracy and Patty will host a special 20-minute Q&A session with the class.  Please follow along our livetweeting with the BrainPOP

Though you can’t be with us at the studio, you can still join us for any of the four live events with Tracy at 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, and 6:30pm Eastern. Each program will last approximately 45 minutes. You’ll have a chance to learn the physics that Tracy has had to master to succeed in her job, find out about the career path she followed to become a mechanical engineer, ask her questions, and respond to polls, all live!

Follow the #JASONlive hashtag on twitter for all the details you won’t see anywhere else!