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Awesome Arctic Resources

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If you missed the chance to venture into the Arctic with IMAX, we’ve got you covered with Arctic resources! In our April 25th webinar, we were joined by filmmaker Shaun MacGillivray and WWF’s polar bear expert, Geoff York, while we discussed the changing Arctic region and IMAX’s newest movie, To The Arctic.  Shaun and Geoff shared some fascinating facts about the making of the film, as well as some valuable resources you can use while teaching your students about the threatened Arctic wilderness.

The Adventures of Charlie Mac is a fabulous picture book teachers can integrate into their class’s study about the Arctic and give students the opportunity to view the region through the eyes of a child. The film’s companion book is another wonderful resource that offers beautiful pictures of a region that most people will never see and can give students a better understanding of the rapidly changing environment. The U.S. Global Change Research Program offers some excellent educator resources to guide teachers in building lessons focused on climate change.  Additionally, IMAX has created a cross-curricular educator’s guide with activities and lesson ideas for teachers to use in the classroom.

The Arctic is in need of your help! To find out how you and your students can get involved, visit One World One Ocean or the WWF. Don’t forget to enter our lesson plan contest for a chance to win some exciting prizes AND teach your students about the delicate Arctic region.