Parallel Structure

New BrainPOP Movie: Parallel Structure

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

The BrainPOP topic library keeps growing! Our Parallel Structure movie is the newest addition to our English and Writing offerings.

If your writing seems wordy and unclear, then have we got a movie for you! In this BrainPOP topic, Tim and Moby explain how parallel structure can help you write sentences that are tight and lucid. You’ll learn the definition of parallel structure, and all the key rules, from making sure that the parts of speech in each list are the same, to ensuring that sentences that begin in the present tense end in the present tense. You’ll examine things like verb forms and voices, and explore how parallel structure can make your writing more persuasive. Finally, you’ll take a look at a few examples. It’s a compelling, arresting, and diverting topic, so click the link and take a look!