Digital Learning Day!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on


You may not realize it, but by turning to BrainPOP’s content, you’re playing a role in improving teaching and learning through technology. And that quest for teaching and learning improvement is exactly what inspired Digital Learning Day, taking place today across the country. Digital Learning Day marks the culmination of a year-long national awareness campaign by the policy/advocacy organization Alliance for Excellent Education, which is dedicated to helping students succeed in school and beyond.  Hundreds of thousands of students and teachers are currently signed up to participate, and there’s time for you to jump in as well. Start a conversation, share perspectives, and exchange your ideas. Schools across the U.S. will interact live during a virtual National Town Hall Meeting [time?] that spotlights innovative teachers and creative projects. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan joins FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski for a special appearance. There’s also a daylong webcast [start/finish time?] that showcases the myriad ways digital tools are being used in real classrooms. As a trusted provider of digital content, we wanted to show our support for Digital Learning Day.  To that end, we’ve designated Blogs as today’s Featured Movie.  Blogs – a truly 21st-century medium that fosters the same kind of collaboration and conversation Digital Learning Day does – struck us as the perfect topic for this occasion.

Interested in showing your support? Think about a time when you embraced a new digital learning tool, then share your story, either here in our user forums or at